Ubuntu (oo-buun-tu) is an ancient African proverb meaning “the universal bond of sharing and respect that connects all of humanity.”

Ubuntu is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing vitally needed healthcare resources such as medical supplies and mosquito nets to families in greatest need in Southern Sudan.

While on a Supply Mission to the Southern Sudan
Ubuntu was founded in response to decades of violence and destruction in Southern Sudan that has resulted in 4.5 million people dead and created 9 million refugees. Through a global network of supporters, the founders of Ubuntu are bringing life back to a dying country by providing tools to eradicate life threatening diseases common in Southern Sudan.

The dream for creating Ubuntu began in 2006, when the founder, Koor Garang became an American citizen. Having witnessed the violence and devastation first-hand as a child in Sudan through the war and his seven-year stay in refugee camps, Koor is now devoted to saving the people of his homeland.

Email from Koor:
June 1, 2007
The situation is worse than I thought. 37 kids die yesterday in my present. It’s very disappointing, the measles, meningitis and hunger are cleansing this area. I will go to Wau next. It is raining here and there is no good road to go around. I have good news that my parents are alive but I don’t know where they are.